There isn’t a board builder more tuned to the roots and soul of surfing. I’m stoked to be associated with such a core craftsman. Buy hand crafted boards. Support true surfing.
— Derek Hynd
Jed is compulsive in staying true to the types of roots that George Greenough and Mitchell Rae have forged and that’s saying a hell of a lot in this degrading climate of chinaware. He cares for every piece of every board he’s ever built start to finish. Anyone who wants to know about post-Morning of the Earth soul should hunt him down and take the long drive south. There’s more to learn about surfing in one day with Jed than 10 years in and around any city beach.
— Derek Hynd
Jed Done Surfboards are currently producing the most forward thinking and functional flextail surfboards available.
— Carve surfing magazine (UK)
The board held beautifully in the barrel wherever I put it and I was really blown away by the speed and the projection. I have never been more impressed with a surfboard.
— Dean Dampney Surfer
There’s a point in every long term surfer’s life when he or she lurches over the edge… and becomes a full-on aficionado. Much like a car nut who craves a Bugatti or a Maserati, he or she will now require a unique, top-end surfboard, unlike any owned by his or her fellow surfers. Now is the time for a Jed Done surfboard.
— Nick Carroll
Jed produces among the world’s finest and most carefully finished craft, does the whole thing by hand, never the same way twice, in numbers low enough to guarantee a deep and lasting pleasure among their aficionado owners.
— Nick Carrol
They are an amazing combination of rocker, rail and outline and workmanship is top shelf. One of the most engaging and enthusiastic shapers that I have dealt with. I doubt anyone would be disappointed with a custom from Jed.
— Swellnet
Jed Done Surfboards Barrel.JPG