WAW Handplane

WAW Handplane


The Arrow Fish is a small fast handplane designed for medium-large waves, barrelling waves and those that already bodysurf.


  • Deep concave for maximum lift and stability
  • Sharp rails for holding power and maneouverablity 
  • Rockered entry for maximum lift and splash reduction
  • Fully adjustable recycled neoprene strap system
  • Adjustable safety wrist leash
  • Low VOC marine grade finish

The best handplane shape for the barrel seeker.


Hand shaped from White Cedar, these handplanes have a little extra weight than their paulownia cousins, aiding them in steep drops and improves control on the larger waves.

Perfect for

  • Medium - Large, steeper waves
  • More experienced bodysurfers

Wrist leash Included!

Wrist leashes are a good idea in big surf, or on busy beaches. General surfing is fine with out the leash.

Dimensions : 300mm x 190mm x 20mm

Weight: Approx 450 grams

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